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Two Cousin, Lois and Judy started Bandy's Bandanas for the Love of their Fur Babies. The ones with them and those who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Judy had Holly, who ABSOLUTELY Loved dressing up. She would pick out which bandana she wanted to wear for the day. Holly's favorite holidays were Halloween and Christmas, so she could dress up and show off her style. 
Judy now has Willow who she rescued in 2012 from Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue. She had been found abandoned along the side of the road and spent the first year of her life moving between foster care and shelters. Until Judy and John adopted her and she is now a loved, spoiled girl. Who loves to wear fun Bandanas also. 

Lois had Bandit (aka, BandyBoy) who's first love was always his blanket, which he carried with him everywhere and anytime company came over he had to show it to them. He did love wearing his Bandanas also. He would get so happy and excited when it was time to wear a new bandana. Bandy lived to be 13 years old, and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge wearing his bandana and carrying his blanket. In 2020 Lois rescued Axel From Hero Dog Rescue near Atlanta, GA. Axel is learning to love dressing up in his bandanas.
We want to share our passion for rescue dogs and pets in general by providing quality handmade items to pet lovers who want to make their pets feel as special as they deserve. Thank you for your business and Loving your Pets.  

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